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Repaint to Sell Your Home

Posted on September 01, 2017

Repaint to Sell Your Home Paint Can imageYou’ve probably heard of many tried-and-tested ways to improve the value of your home before selling (staging, repairs etc.), but did you know paint colours are also important?

According to a new study conducted by Zillow, paint can actually increase the value of a home upwards $5,000! Here's what you need to know:

Nix the Neutrals

A common misconception is when it comes time to sell, everything should be "neutralized". While whites and beiges have their place in elevating your home's decor, they may not resonate as well with buyers the same way a few other choice colours would - especially if they're in every room. 

So, if not neutral, what colour should you paint your walls to garner maximum buyer interest? According to the experts, it's all about the blues. 

Repaint to Sell Your Home Kitchen imageBlue/Grey Kitchens and Periwinkle Bathrooms 

Since kitchens and bathrooms play the biggest role in the successful sale of a home, you'll really want to draw some extra attention to these areas. According to the study, homes featuring soft blue or grey kitchens often sold for $1,809 more than those painted any other colour. 

Blues are also heavily encouraged when it comes to bathrooms. Periwinkle blue bathrooms, in particular, have been proven to help a home sale by nearly $5,000 or more! 

Other Areas 

If you're asking yourself, "is blue the new neutral?" - we're here to tell you, yes it is! For this reason, why not continue the trend throughout the rest of the home? 

Bedrooms, for example, were proven to benefit from cerulean blue to a darker, cadet blue - adding to a home's overall value by $1,856. Even slate-coloured blues in the dining or living area have been found to increase seller profit. 

The Exterior

As for your home's exterior, you’re going to want to opt for a mixture of grey and beige. Also known as “greige”, this colour tends to bring about a larger profit than homes with tan or brown exteriors. 

You may want to give some thought to your front door as well. Adding a pop of colour with (you guessed it!) blue can really add interest. 

Colours to Avoid 

Niche Colours and Patterns - While you may love your lime green feature wall, it may not go over so well with buyers. Loud colours and patterns tend to hinder people's ability to see themselves in your home. For example, the amazing mural you've painted in the baby's room may make it hard for someone to visualize it as a home office. 

White Out - While white isn't awful by any means, according to the study, it can actually affect the resale value of your home up to $4,000.  For this reason, you may want to reconsider painting over your previous bright shade of white for one with more of a grey or neutral tone. 

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, keep in mind the paint is a minimal expense which makes for a huge return on your investment, if done properly. Even if you decide blue isn't for you, a fresh coat of paint in any colour is sure to make a big difference.

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