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Maximizing Space: The Living Room

Posted on June 13, 2017

Maximizing Space: The Living Room Hunter House imageLiving rooms are a welcoming place to relax, spread out, and enjoy some quality time. For these reasons, you'll want to make the most of every inch of space you have. Below are a few ideas to help you in your quest to make this area feel as roomy (and functional) as possible.

1. Scaling

When furnishing your living room, you want to pick pieces that aren't going to overwhelm the space. This means opting for cleaner lines, slimmer builds and, in some cases, sleeker designs so you don’t over complicate the room. When you scale your furniture correctly, everything will fit as it should.

Maximizing Space: The Living Room Vivace Suite image2. Multifunctional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is hardly a new concept but is brilliant for making the most out of your living room space. Think about getting a piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose - saving space and adding functionality. Take a look at some of these creative multi-functional pieces of furniture to give you some ideas.

3. Storage

Storage could mean anything from furniture with built-in storage features to adding a shelving unit in your living room. There are many great living room storage ideas to help keep the space both attractive and organized. 

4. Vertical Space

When you use the vertical space in your living room, you draw the eye upward. This means if you have tall ceilings, you should take advantage of the added room on the wall. You can do this by adding artwork or hanging long curtains over a window. 

Maximizing Space: The Living Room Vivace Living Rom image

5. Focal Points

If you always use your living room to cozy up and read a book, then it's probably not focused around your television. On the other hand, if you love your shows, you'll want to make your TV the focal point. Do you always use your living room to have conversations over a cup of coffee or entertain? Then you're going to want to have seating that faces inwards as well as a variety of places for guests to put their dishes. 

6. Mirrors 

Not only do mirrors make an attractive addition to your living space, they also make it appear larger. Using multiple mirrors to create an illusion of more light will give your living room an open, airy feel while adding a large, rectangular mirror creates an impression of length. There are also many other creative ways to use mirrors from creating fake windows to dressing up furniture. 

7. Plants Add Depth

Most people think of plants as natural accents, but did you know they can also add depth to your living area? By bringing the outdoors in, you give your living room the look of an extended space making it feel larger. 

8. Keep it Neutral

Neutral colours will expand your living room and make it appear bigger and brighter. Light tends to bounce off these lighter, more subdued shades - adding to the impression of a bigger room. It’s suggested you keep your walls light and bright and experiment with darker neutrals for your furniture to maximize on the appearance of a large living space. 

When it comes to your treasured living room, you're sure to want to get the most out of every square inch. Consider a few of the above tips and your living space will be big, bright and beautiful when you're finished.

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