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Maximizing Space: The Bedroom

Posted on November 14, 2017

Maximizing Space The Bedroom Master Suite Featured Image

Bedrooms only look small when they’re not planned well. When you choose the right type of furniture for the space you have and arrange it in the right way, you’ll find your new bedroom is like an oasis of calm you can retreat to each night.

Organize Your Closet

Your closet offers more space than you think if you include a closet organizer. They have shelf space for sweaters, additional layers for hanging clothes and hooks for scarves or ties. Most are customizable so you only use the components you need. Best of all, they work equally well in walk-in closets.

Maximizing Space The Bedroom Master Suite The Elm ImageMap Out Your Space

Use graphing paper to map out your room, with each square representing a certain number of inches. Cut out paper “furniture” using the same scale and place them on the graphing paper as you see fit. As you do this, you’ll see your room might feel a lot bigger if you choose a queen size bed instead of a king. Rather than using the squat, wide dresser you inherited from your grandparents, you might find a tall, skinny one fits better. Move the pieces around to see what looks best and purchase furniture accordingly. 

Use Under-Bed Storage

If you don’t use the space under your bed for storage, it’s probably just going to collect dust bunnies. Look into getting a platform bed frame with built-in drawers. Otherwise, bed risers are inexpensive and add a few inches of storage space under the bed. They might be just what you need to be able to fit a few storage boxes under there. While you might not want to keep your everyday clothes under there, this space could be good for shoes, out-of-season clothes, or even paperwork.

Create Floor to Ceiling Storage

When space is limited, the best course of action is to look up. Instead of having a bookshelf with just three shelves, pick one that can go all the way to the ceiling. If you don’t want to pay to have custom shelves designed for your space, look into pre-made versions that are stackable. One thing to remember, though, is you should secure shelves to a stud in the wall. You don’t want to risk having something so big and heavy falling on you. 

Maximizing Space The Bedroom Rosewood Master Suite ImageMake Some Space

A bedroom packed full of furniture is bound to feel cramped. Instead, you want to have plenty of open space in the room. You should be able to easily move around the bed and all other areas of the room. Sometimes, this means making some hard choices about which pieces of furniture you can include in the room and which ones need to go somewhere else. For instance, you might put the dresser in your walk-in closet to free up space in the bedroom itself. 

Choose Furniture That Does Double-Duty

Whenever possible, choose multi-purpose furniture. For instance, instead of using a table as a nightstand, choose a nightstand with extra drawers you can use for storage. A dresser could double as a TV stand if you want to keep a TV in your room. If you’ve been thinking about a chair and ottoman or a bench at the foot of the bed, look for versions that offer hidden storage. 

Consider Sofa Beds

Sofa beds and futons have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but many modern versions are more comfortable than you might think. While you probably wouldn’t want this to be the bed you use every night, a sofa bed can be a good solution for your guest room, especially if you only have guests a few times a year. This allows you to use the space for something else when you're not hosting guests.

Add Some Color

Having light colours on the walls can give your bedroom an open and airy feel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some colour into the room. Some bright pops of colour in the bedding or accessories will make the room seem more put-together, which makes it seem bigger than it really is.

Bedrooms only look small when the furniture doesn’t match the space. When you pay attention to the design of your room, you can create a bedroom that feels just as spacious as you want.

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