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Maximizing Space: The Bathroom

Posted on September 08, 2017

Maximizing Space: The Bathroom Featured imageThe bathroom is often an oasis for those looking to relax after a long day's work - whether that's soaking in the tub before bed or taking an extra long shower on the weekend. For this reason, we'd like to offer a few tips to help you make your bathroom the best it can be.

Maximizing Space: The Bathroom Mirror imageBig Mirror, Bigger Appearance

If you really want to make your bathroom look roomy, you can create the illusion of more space by choosing a large mirror. While this can be done in any area of your home, it is an especially effective trick in a bathroom. It’s also nice to have a larger mirror for your daily routine, so be sure to give this option a try. 

A Place For Towels

Not all bathrooms are equipped with a large linen closet, either inside or just outside the door. So why not get creative and make your own shelving? Using wine racks as towel holders makes for the perfect solution - you can simply roll them up and put them wherever bottles would typically go.  Another option, of course, is over-the-door hanging hooks where you can easily put your towel after you dry off. 

Cake Plate Storage

Try organizing your toiletries on a cake plate in order to save you some extra counter space. These also look stunning when incorporated into your bathroom's decor. If counter space is your main concern, this can be an easy way to store some of your favourite items. 

Maximizing Space: The Bathroom Accessories imageGet A Bathroom Cart

A bathroom cart is an effective way to store all your bathroom needs and takes away the worry of a cluttered bathroom. You can even dress it up with something decorative on top. These units are an easy storage solution, plus they wheel around so you can place them wherever it's most convenient. 

Busy Floors, Simple Walls

You don't want to incorporate too many vibrant design ideas if you feel like your bathroom is going to be taken over by colours and patterns. Keep it simple by adding a brightly coloured or patterned bathmat or rug with a few matching towels - this will add interest to the space without creating too much excitement. If you opt for bright colours and patterns however, keep your wall decor to a minimum as too much can quickly become overwhelming. 

Try Some DIY

There are many DIY bathroom storage hacks out there to make the most out of your bathroom space. The more creative you get with keeping organized, the easier it is to make the most out of your bathroom. Because this is a high-traffic room, these ideas will help you get the most out of every square inch. 

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