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Ask the Designer: What Are the Most Popular Interior Design Trends?

Posted on November 21, 2017

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Welcome to our first edition of "Ask the Designer"; where StreetSide Development's resident design expert Lisa Kaiser addresses all things related to creating the perfect look for your new home. 

For our first installment, we are talking to Lisa about interior design trends, what's popular and how you can choose the perfect look for your home. 

What is a "design trend"? 

As you probably already know, a "trend" is what's considered popular and is generally influenced by what's going on in the world - everything from entertainment to politics. Interior design trends are no different. There are style groupings that have been curated by social influences and entire decades can be defined by their home furnishing and fashion trends. 

Recently, what's been exciting is the blurred lines and bending of traditional interior design rules. For example, gone is the traditional work triangle in kitchens in favour of kitchen work zones.

What is a “design style”? 

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Just like choosing a new sweater or a pair of shoes, your style is determined by what you like. You're likely to naturally gravitate towards design and decor that speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable. 

For example, people who like to keep things simple in their everyday life may prefer a contemporary or minimalist style whereas those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors might choose a farmhouse or rustic theme. 

What are the most popular interior styles? 

Leaning on the current design trends in home and fashion, one can find a lasting love affair with their home design. So what is popular and has lasting qualities for choosing interior styles for your home?


Coined “transitional” by the interior design world, this is quite simply a fusion of traditional elements and upscale finishes with a modern touch. An example of this is the shaker cabinet door style - like a good black dress or suit, they fit every occasion. Next, you mix this with current colour trends and sophisticated but relaxed furnishings and finishes. Transitional style has strong lasting appeal.

Ask the Designer What Are the Most Popular Interior Design Trends Modern Farmhouse ImageModern Farmhouse

This has been “trending” for a few years now, proving its lasting power. It’s not a new concept at all. Many of us may have grown up with a wood panel or brick accent wall, bordered wallpaper and pig and cow accent decor in the kitchen (sound familiar?). The good news is the modern farmhouse style is far less literal. It is warm and approachable.  

The Modern Farmhouse is very versatile and can mix easily into a transitional or industrial inspired home decor. It also has a reputation for being family-friendly; durable with accents that already have dings or dull finishes so any added dents and bruises just add to the rustic charm. It's also everywhere! You can furnish and accent your home easily as budget-friendly decor is in all mainstream shopping centres.


Contemporary design has its extremes with stark clean lines. In recent applications, however, a warmer, softer version has made this style more accessible to those striving for a minimalist upscale appeal combined with a comfortable a place to put their feet up. You'll see an ode to the 60’s with some of the clean line elements of furniture that fit in effortlessly with this style.

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If you're having a hard time deciding, curated collections take a lot of the guesswork out of designing your new interior spaces. With colours, materials, lighting and other finishes grouped together, you can use these to help pick and choose a cohesive style that speaks to you. Be sure to talk to an area manager to learn more

A Little About Lisa...

Born and raised in Alberta, Lisa has lived most of her life in Calgary where she’s built a strong career as an interior designer. She’s well-traveled, having been all over the U.S. as well as Italy, Malta, England, France, Belgium and Eastern Canada.

A self-proclaimed zookeeper, Lisa and her husband have two young children and a few animal friends. For this reason, she likes to keep her personal design style practical and relaxed, using statement pieces to express her creativity and anchor a space. She also believes the kitchen is the heart of the home which is why she’s dedicated herself to over ten years of kitchen design. 

From budget conscious to lavish high-end projects, Lisa has led thousands of kitchen, bath, bar, entertainment and great room ventures - making the extraordinary attainable through team and vendor collaboration.

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