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9 Tips for Hosting St. Patrick's Day in a Condo

Posted on March 07, 2017

tips-hosting-st-patricks-day-in-condo-green-drinks-featured-image.pngIrish or not, March brings with it an excuse to get together with family and friends to have a fun St. Patrick’s themed party.

If you live in a condo, hosting any holiday party may seem more difficult than finding a four leaf clover. Lucky for you, it’s absolutely doable if you plan your get-together ahead of time; so, we’ve put together nine tips to make celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in your condo a success.

1. Rules First

This tip is certainly the least enjoyable to acknowledge, but it might be the most important. Living in a condo involves property management and condo boards that set forth restrictions to protect all residents and shared amenities.

These rules may set limitations on the number of guests you’re allowed to have in your condo unit at a time and for how long, so you’ll want to check with management before you start party planning. On a more positive note, if there’s a common room in your condo complex, you may actually be able to reserve it for your party. 

2. Send Out Invites

Once you understand the regulations, it’s time to prepare for celebrations! Make a very specific guest list, and send out festive, personalized invites that will both get people excited about your gathering and keep it intimate. There are plenty of fun and creative options for St. Patrick’s Day-themed invitations that you can print or make yourself!

If there are time restrictions on noisy activities in your condo, you’ll want to set expected start and end times for your party. Be sure to clearly indicate these times on your invites. You may also want to use the invitations to remind guests the party will take place in a condo, so they’re likely to be more mindful of your neighbours when they come to celebrate.

Being a good neighbour may also mean letting other residents know that you're planning to have guests over beforehand, especially if you aren't inviting them.

3. Decorate Your Space

Any themed party requires décor! But the key to a functional condo party is minimalism. You can still give your condo a festive make-over, just keep it simple so your space doesn't feel crowded.

Something like a shamrock banner over your fireplace mantle or green streamers hanging from the ceiling won’t take up space and still add that Irish flair.

4. Rearrange Furniture

You want to be able to have as much open space are possible for people to congregate. Move furniture pieces that won’t be used to a bedroom if possible. It may be a good idea to tuck away any breakables as well. Cover your table or other surfaces with tablecloths (green ones, of course!) to protect them from food or drink spills.

tips-hosting-st-patricks-day-in-condo-chips-dip.png5. Snacks

A great way to keep guests happy is to have snacks. It may seem like a good idea to have one area for snacks but that space can easily become crowded. Instead, place food arrangements on multiple surfaces around your condo to encourage people to spread out.

It’s also a good idea to choose snacks that don’t require more than a napkin. Some Lucky Charm squares, or “Drunken Cupcake Pops” are utensil-free treats that will delight your guests, and reduce clutter as well as clean up time!

6. Drinks

Of course, to go along with snacks, you’ll want to offer your guests some drinks. Hosting a party shouldn’t mean you play bartender all night, so prepare something the night before. You can make a delicious St. Patrick’s Day punch in a large bowl. All you’ll need is some green plastic cups next to it and guests can serve themselves, so you’ll save space and time.

7. Pre-Planned Playlist

Since you want to show people a good time, while still monitoring your noise levels, it’s a good idea to create a playlist beforehand. If you have the music ready and playing at an ideal volume, it's less likely someone will use the opportunity to test their DJ skills. Stay true to the theme and pick out some tunes that have some sort of Celtic influence.

8. Prepared Activities

A smart way to plan an entertaining party that won’t get out of control is to prepare some festive activities. Games such as Irish trivia or Irish-themed Pictionary with clues written on shamrocks can really bring out the theme of your party. These activities can also be played while seated so you can have your guests gather comfortably in the area you’ve set up for games.

9. Gold-to-Go

As the hour grows late, you may want to start wrapping things up. You don’t want to push your guests out the door, though. Draw some inspiration from your childhood parties and prepare loot bags for your guests!

Pre-make some bags of gold chocolate coins labeled with your “thanks for coming” message. You can start handing these out to give your guests a polite (and adorable) nudge home.

A successful party of any kind just requires some creativity and planning. With these tips, you can host a great St. Patrick’s Day party in your condo - no luck needed!

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