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9 Household Items You Should Buy in Bulk

Posted on July 18, 2017

9 Household Items You Should Buy in Bulk Shopping imageHow you shop can make a huge difference on your grocery bills. Did you know there are tons of household items you can buy in bulk that will save you time and money? Get your Costco card out and take note because the following bulk items will surely give you more bang for your buck.

1. The Necessities 

We all know what it's like to have to run out last minute to get toilet paper, or worse, discovering we're out when it's already too late. Toilet paper doesn’t expire, so why not buy in bulk? This way, the awkward situations are minimized and it's way more cost effective than buying smaller packages. The same applies to paper towels, so it wouldn’t hurt to buy a little extra of that too while you're at it. 

2. Bundle Your Batteries

Batteries are typically pretty expensive and often the last thing you think of until you can't turn on your TV. Buying batteries in bulk ensures you always have extra juice on hand when you need it. Consider purchasing lithium or alkaline versions as they have a shelf life of over ten years - far outlasting their rechargeable counterparts. 

3. Double up on Detergent 

It is known laundry supplies are usually cheaper per ounce when bought in bulk. The same goes for fabric softener and bleach; so if you use them, make sure you pick up those items too. You'll be happy to have these items in greater quantities when you're faced with several loads of laundry. 

9 Household Items You Should Buy in Bulk Toothbrushes image4. Toothpaste, Floss, and Brushes...Oh My!

Instead of running to the drugstore every time you need to replace your toothpaste or toothbrush, consider stocking up. While you'll be spending more upfront, these items are a staple of everyday life and will work out to be much cheaper in the long run. The same applies to floss and mouthwash. 

5. Tons of Trash Bags

Other items you're guaranteed to use (and with no expiry) are trash and recycling bags. Even if you don't see yourself needing large garbage bags, consider bulk-buying the smaller kitchen garbage version. Here again, they're cheaper in the long run and won't go to "waste".  

6. Heaps of Hand Soap

If you buy hand soap in a big refill container you'll save cash while helping the environment at the same time. Not only does this reduce the amount of plastic bottles in landfills, you can choose a decorative soap pump that's sure to look nicer than the toss-away version. 

9 Household Items You Should Buy in Bulk Gift Card image7. Gift Cards Galore 

Unless you’re a regular Costco shopper you might not know that they occasionally offer discounts on bulk gift card purchases. This includes restaurants, retailers and entertainment venues such as Cineplex. These savings can really add up - especially if you have a tendency to give a lot of gifts.  

8. A Few Non-Perishables

Not only are these commonplace food items a staple in many people's diets, they are non-perishable. And, since these foods can last upwards of two years, buying them in larger quantities makes sense - especially if you have a large family. These types of items include rice, beans and pasta to name a few. 

9. Loads of Light

We all know at some point lightbulbs are going to burn out and need to be replaced. Buying in bulk will not only ensure you have enough bulbs for your entire home but the larger packages are (you guessed it) much cheaper per bulb than buying boxes of merely two or four. 

With all the added storage solutions new homes have to offer, there's no doubt you'll be able to capitalise on some bulk-item savings. Not to mention, purchasing a few of the above items in larger quantities will make day to day life easier. 

Happy shopping (and saving)!

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