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9 Hacks To Help You Conquer The Cold

Posted on January 10, 2017

hacks-help-conquer-cold-calgary-sunset-featured-image.pngCanadian winters... There are very few places you can go to escape them, and Calgary is not one of those places! But even though our winter isn't toasty warm, we can still put up our best line of defense. To help you out we’ve put together a list of nine easy hacks to help you conquer the cold. You’re welcome!

1. Open Your Curtains

According to Environment Canada , Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada. With less daylight in winter, you'll want to take full advantage of the sun when it does shine. Sunlight provides natural warmth, no matter the season. So when the sun shines, open the curtains! So simple, am I right?!

2. Or Close Your Curtains

On the days where the sun just isn't coming out from behind the clouds, it might be best just to leave the curtains closed. But not just any curtains. A great seasonal hack is to change your curtains with the seasons. Lighter curtains in the summer months, and heavier curtains in the winter months. The heavy fabric will help keep heat in and eliminate drafts from your windows.

3. Eliminate Drafts

That leads us to our next hack: eliminate drafts. Drafts are one of the quickest ways to lose heat in your home. Whether it’s a bit of caulking or a draft stopper on your floor, tackling the breezy doors and windows in your home will make a world of difference. 

4. Close Off Unused Rooms

While you’re going around checking for drafts, shut some doors along the way. Keeping spare bedroom and bathroom doors shut will help keep heat in your main living area.


5. Candlelight

Candles don’t give off a lot of heat on their own, but if you have a handful spread around a room you’d be surprised at how warm and cozy it can get. Unless you need a lot of light, you can usually get by with the glow of candlelight just fine while you wind down for the evening. Relaxing and energy-efficient!

6. Tin Foil 

Tin foil isn’t just for your oven. For a quick trick to help better reflect the heat from space heaters and heating vents into your home just fasten tin foil behind your heating device and voila. You should feel the heat radiate just a little bit better.

7. Shower With The Door Open

Of course, this one requires a little bit of discretion. But if the opportunity arises, shower with the door open! It’s pretty straightforward. Most people like their showers somewhere between warm and scalding hot. Let some of that warm, steamy air travel through your home. It’ll make stepping out of the shower and into the next room a little less chilly too!

8. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Have you noticed ceiling fans rotate in a counter-clockwise motion? The counter-clockwise spin pushes air downward to create a draft. Here's the trick: to help warm your room, reverse the spin of your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise. It will help pull cool air upward to mix the warmer air before moving throughout your room.

9. Bundle Up

You’re right; it’s not a hack. It’s just a bit of common sense. Bundle up. Whether it’s extra sweaters or flannel sheets or layers upon layers upon layers, do whatever you need to do to bundle up. No one ever regrets being comfy, warm and cozy!

And who knows? Maybe we'll get another one of our famous Chinooks blowing through the city, and won't need any of these! But they are handy tips to have, just in case.

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