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7 Ways to Use Wallpaper That Doesn't Include Your Walls!

Posted on May 16, 2017

7 Ways to Use Wallpaper That Doesn't Include Your Walls! imageWallpaper is a fun, lively way to bring life to any space and you don’t even need to put it on the walls! An amazing design accessory, below are a few versatile ways to include wallpaper into your home.

1. Give Your Dishes A Backdrop

If you have open or glass cabinetry and you're wanting to spruce up your kitchen, wallpaper may be the key. Give your dishes a beautiful backdrop with this easy Cabinet Wallpaper DIY. This idea is easy to put into play and adds character to any kitchen. 

2. Accent Your Walls 

The key word here is accent. Wallpaper can make a simple yet striking piece of artwork when mounted on a canvas - making this the perfect option for those who like wallpaper but don’t want it engulfing their space. Better yet, wallpaper as an accent piece adds interest and colour to your walls without going overboard. Simply treat the canvas as you would your wall prior to application and add a section of your favourite wallpaper.

3. Dress Up Your Drawers

 It’s a visual treat to pull out your dresser drawers and see a pop of colour. This Wallpaper DIY Dresser project can add a bold accent to any room while at the same time, being very low-risk (you'll only see it when the drawers are open). All you need to do is think of wallpaper patterns will go best with your socks. 

7 Ways to Use Wallpaper That Doesn't Include Your Walls! Woman image4. Brighten Up Your Blinds

Blinds often come in predictable neutral colours, but you can really make your windows a focal point by switching up your colour pallette. Forget hanging patterned curtains! Instead, opt for these DIY Wallpaper Blinds. Inexpensive and simple, you'll need your original blinds, some glue, and your favourite wallpaper. 

5. Jazz Up Your Table Tops

If you have older side tables, an armoire you love, or even some old nightstands that need some TLC, this is the easiest way to give them some added life (without having to do a complete refinish). You can spruce them up with a quick coat of paint and adhere some of your favourite wallpaper to the top. Not only will it give these pieces a modern look, you'll be able to easily match them to your decor. Check out this DIY Wallpapered Dressing Table for the step-by-step instructions of how to accomplish this with your furniture. 

6. Spice Up Your Lights

This is a fun design idea to add a little extra colour to any room. This DIY Wallpaper Switch Plate makes for a quick and easy little accent that only requires a little bit of craft glue and some scissors! The key here is to choose wallpaper with a small pattern to ensure it will show up when cutting to size for the switch plate. 

7. Liven Up Your Lamps

Custom made lampshades look great but they can be expensive. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice style for affordability with this brilliant Wallpaper Lampshade DIY. This simple trick will allow you to customize your lampshade exactly the way you want, without the high price tag.

Wallpaper is a fantastic alternative for breathing new life into old furniture and adding a few unique accents throughout your home. Easy and affordable, these eye-catching additions are sure to add some character to your home.

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