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7 Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

Posted on April 18, 2017

7 Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Fast Sold Sign imageStaging your home makes a big difference in terms of getting noticed by buyers and making the sale of your house quicker overall. Take a look at these staging tips to engage those hunting for a new home. 

1. Perspective of the Buyer

You want to get inside your ideal buyer's head. What kind of person would want to purchase your home? The answer to this has many outcomes so start by considering what stage of life you were in when you first moved into this home. Is your buyer going to be at the same stage when you bought the home? It will be easier to approach staging if you have an idea who will be looking to buy it.  

7 Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Fast Vacuum image2. Cleaning

People visualize a great deal when purchasing a home. You want people to think of how nice it would be to live there and cleaning up is a simple way help that process along.

What areas of your house should you focus on?

The top three are the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the floors. Home buyers are looking for a clean slate, so make it easy for them by keeping the property spotless. 

3. Declutter

Decluttering goes hand in hand with cleaning your home. Potential buyers want to see their lives fitting into this new space. Storing your personal effects helps people see how their items would fit. A bonus here is that decluttering also gives the illusion of having a larger space. The same rule applies to your furniture, as removing a few pieces will give your home a more open concept, feel. You want the space to look bright, spacious, and appealing. 

7 Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Fast Painting image4. Neutral Colours

We all love our own personal touches, but these should be less evident when staging your home. Neutral decor is a safe bet for everyone's tastes, gearing your staging to a wider audience of buyers. You want prospective homeowners thinking of how they would decorate if they were to buy your home. Neutrals make for a clean look that's easy on the eyes of a likely buyer. 

5. Landscaping 

Some basic landscaping can make all the difference in your home's allure. The first thing a buyer sees is the exterior of your home, making curb appeal a huge factor in the purchasing decision. Outdoor space should be both functional and attractive. Keeping your lawn healthy and your landscaping up-to-date will give a good first impression. 

6. Invest in Small Renovations

If your house is older, it can be a good idea to consider small renovations to help boost your home's value. Again, the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors are key places to focus on as they will bring you a larger return on your renovation investment. Often, it's as easy as replacing older carpet or sprucing up your kitchen cabinets. If nothing else, a fresh coat of paint will help to freshen up the look. 

7. Neighbourhood Attraction

Call attention to what makes your neighbourhood such a desirable place to live. Staging the outdoors gives buyers a feel for the community. If you live in a family-oriented area, set up a table and chairs on your deck. Enhance the outdoor features you already have by considering how others may want to use that space. 

These staging tips are quick, simple and will add to your home's overall appeal. Not only will they give you an added advantage on the market, but they will help ensure a faster, easier sale. Happy staging!

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