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7 DIY Summer Decor Ideas

Posted on June 20, 2017

7 DIY Summer Decor Ideas Watercolours imageWith the changing of the weather, it can be fun to switch up your usual decor and add some seasonal touches. These DIY summer decor ideas are an easy and attractive way to enhance the look of your home.

1. Margarita Murphy Bar

This DIY wall mounted murphy bar is a great little addition for those who do most of their entertaining in the summer. With just $35 in supply costs and a couple of screws, this project is simple, even if you're not so handy. Add a bright colour like the pink used in this DIY to add that pop of summer colour to the piece. We recommend using this as a chic tequila or margarita bar to add extra summer flare. 

2. Fruit Stamped Tea Towels

Fruit tends to be a symbol of the bright, cheerful time summer brings every year. These fruit stamped tea towels will add a whimsical splash of colour to your home. They are especially perfect for the kitchen because they can be coloured to match your existing decor. All you need is some lemons and a little bit of paint! 

3. Fire Ink Art

Although these DIY fire ink art paintings will look great all year round, using bright shades means you can add that perfect hint of summer flare. They're also easy to do, requiring only ink, rubbing alcohol, a frame and a lighter.  Make three and hang them up together to make a cohesive summertime look. 

7 DIY Summer Decor Ideas Patio image4. Water Colour Pillows

As a kid, you may have spent time doing some tie-dye projects, especially during the warmer months. If you're looking for an adult twist on a childhood favourite, look no further then these watercolour pillows. You can use these as an accent in your living room or set them out on your patio. All you need to create these are fabric and watercolour paints! 

5. Hanging Lounge Chair

Nothing says summer time like cuddling up with a book in an outdoor hanging lounge chair you can make yourself! This suspended seat requires a few dowels and some fabric of your choosing. As long as you have a place to hang it, this simple build will be a warm weather favourite year after year.

6. Lanterns 

Regardless of whether they are in your home or on your patio, lanterns are a wonderful way to add ambience to a space with their striking glow. They are especially striking during the evening while you're entertaining. You can make your very own DIY string lanterns and hang them across your patio for a welcoming, warm weather effect. 

7. Fire Pits

There’s not much that compares to sitting around a fire pit with friends and family. They also make a great focal point for your outdoor space. Personalize your yard with this modern DIY concrete fire pit. If the concrete version is too large for your outdoor space, try this tiny planter fire pitBoth are perfect for toasting a few marshmallows! 

Summer is the perfect time to display some light, bright and fun decor. Try a few of these summer DIY’s and your home will be summer-ready in no time!

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