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7 DIY Spring Decor Ideas

Posted on April 07, 2017

7 DIY Spring Decor Ideas Lilacs imageThere are so many ways to welcome spring. This could mean starting your spring cleaning, prepping your outdoor space, or just getting outside to enjoy the fresh air. There are also many ways to welcome spring into your home; all you need are a few light and airy touches! Take a look at these spring-inspired DIY projects for a few fresh and fabulous ideas.

1. Shelf-Help

Let’s start in the heart of the home, the kitchen. This wooden storage shelf is perfect to house all the fresh fruits and vegetables that accompany spring. It also makes a functional place to dry those fresh foods and has pull-out drawers for easy access while cooking or baking. If you want to add an accent of colour, you can paint this DIY beauty a bright white or spring-like shade. 

2. Spring for Wine 

When the weather starts to warm up, it becomes a time of celebration and relaxation - which could mean stocking up on a variety of your favourite spring wines. This wine rack gives you a charming spring spin on the typical display of wine bottles. The dark walnut finish and rustic chalkboard-like labels are perfect for creating that spring atmosphere. There is also always the option to match the stain to your own home decor. 

3. Bring in the Greenery

Spring instantly makes us want to bring the beautiful greenery we see outside into our homes.  These charming green moss coasters are an excellent way to do just that and their simplicity compliments almost any space. They're also perfect if you are looking for a quick and easy DIY that will give any area a natural accent.

4. More Than a Door

We're all familiar with spring cleaning, but let's consider displaying those items we would normally tuck away. This decorative and practical door kitchen organizer does just that by creating a decorative solution for those valuing their kitchen space. Instead of hiding your kitchen items in drawers or cupboards, this DIY project keeps items within easy access and looks great too!

5. Spring O'Clock

This clock project is a particularly great way to display some family photos or even some spring-like landscapes. It’s also a wonderful way to repurpose pictures from a magazine you like or family photos you've been wanting to show off. Going with brightly coloured frames will also add to the airy theme. You could pick 12 different photos that represent springtime to you. The possibilities are endless!

6. So Long, Winter

With storage comes the need to be efficient, but you also want it to look good!  Of course, spring cleaning inevitably means many items from the winter need to be put away. These DIY storage crates are compact, easy on the eyes and make this task simple. You can keep these wooden crates looking classic or give them a touch of bold colour to brighten up your space. This handy storage solution will also slide perfectly under a bed or table. 

7. Glowing Flowers

For those who love a dinner party or looking for a few simple springtime centrepieces, these flower votives are perfect. They bring a gentle touch of spring to any room and are easy to make.  With the ability to bring warmth to any space, they add a colourful accent to a bedroom side table or dining table. You can also make a couple of different varieties a bundle them together to create a “bouquet” look. 

These DIY’s make accentuating spring in your home completely manageable. By incorporating a few of these simple springtime projects, you'll be able to celebrate the freshness of the season inside as well as out.

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Photo credits: lilacs
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