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7 Creative Condo Gardening Ideas

Posted on April 28, 2017

7 Creative Condo Gardening Ideas Vivace Balcony imageOwning a condo and being a gardener aren't mutually exclusive! In fact, most condos have gorgeous balconies you can turn into your very own garden oasis. You have the opportunity to turn your outdoor area into the luscious garden you always wanted, as large or as small you'd like. Here are some creative design ideas for gardening on your condo’s balcony.

1. Start Small 

Begin by considering the little things you can do to make the outdoor space work to your advantage; what you can do to maximize the area. These little things can be pots, planters, or even small decorative items. Pots are essential for those with more floor space, whereas overhead planters are perfect for those who have a balcony with more furniture. Either way, you'll be able to spruce up your balcony without overwhelming it. 

Starting small takes the pressure off, making for an instantly put-together looking garden. You can add and subtract as you please if you start with a few small plants, rather than diving right in.

creative-condo-gardening-ideas-balcony-table-image.png2. Hang It Up

Hanging baskets make lovely focal points for any condo garden and leave you enough space to have everything you desire on your balcony. Take a look at this simple Hanging Basket DIY as it suggests what planters to buy and which flowers to choose. Speaking of flowers, that brings us to our next point...

3. The Rule of Three

When it comes to choosing flowers, sticking to three colours will prevent the space from looking too busy (don't worry, green doesn't count). This simplifies the process of choosing what flowers you would like to plant and will also help you choose your outdoor accessories and other decorative items!

4. Accessorize

Accessories are the difference between a place looking bare and looking complete. They also add a touch of personality, making your balcony a welcoming place. Consider adding a few decorative rocks to your planters to create a pseudo- Japanese feel, or wrap them with a few strings of fairy lights to really draw the eye to your garden creations.

7 Creative Condo Gardening Ideas Herbs image5. Build Upward

This is a super simple way to get more garden by growing plants upwards while keeping the floor space of your patio free for further seating. This pallet garden DIY is an interesting way to reuse a common item in a chic way. Plus, you can plant way more by going vertical instead of only planting horizontally. 

6. Grow Smart 

This is extremely important for people looking to turn their balconies into a green space. You want to think about the direction your terrace faces so you can plant accordingly. You won’t want to plant items needing lots of sun if your balcony is shaded. This also applies to the opposite sun versus shade ratio. Think about what type of plants will prosper in your climate as well. Plants that can be brought inside are favourable for our unpredictable Calgary weather. 

7. Multi-Purpose Planting

Make good use of your new green space and grow items you can enjoy later in the kitchen. Having fresh herbs grown from your own garden is extremely rewarding and you're sure to feel like a master chef when you add them to your home cooked meals. For more details as to what kind of herbs you should grow, take a look at this guide for growing herbs on your balcony

Having a flourishing garden on your condo balcony is incredibly easy if you keep the above tips and tricks in mind. Happy gardening!

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