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6 Tips for Organizing a Great Garage Sale

Posted on May 12, 2017

6 Tips for Organizing a Great Garage Sale imageSpring is the perfect time to hold a garage sale and make some money off items you're no longer using. But, with so many garage sales cropping up this time of year, how can you ensure yours will be a success? 

A little bit of preparation can make all the difference in how much you sell - meaning less clutter and more money in your pocket!

1. Advertise 

Advertising your yard sale has never been easier. With apps like Glickin, you can easily draw people in. Not only does this app allow users to see all sales being held in and around the Calgary area, it allows hosts to entice buyers with photos, detailed descriptions and a wealth of other information. 

The best part is this app is completely free - no longer will you have to pay for a newspaper ad with limited reach. Of course, posting signs around your neighbourhood is still a very effective tactic. Be clever with your signage and you're sure to attract a few curious buyers. 

2. Sort Your Sale 

Take a look at what you don't use often as these things could be a treasure to someone else - it’s easy to find items sitting in your basement or closet. A general rule of thumb is if you haven't used an item within the last 6 months, put it in the sale (within reason of course... you probably won't want to sell your Christmas tree). You'll also want to make sure you have enough tables and/or chairs to accommodate your items.  

3.Organize and Price 

Group like items together. This way, if items aren't selling fast enough, you can offer them as a package deal. Not to mention, this is more visually appealing to buyers and allows them to search easily. After all the items have been grouped, you can begin to price. When it comes to determining prices, try not to overprice so you can avoid as may leftovers as possible. Also, make labels that can be easily covered or removed so you can adjust accordingly throughout the sale. 

6 Tips for Organizing a Great Garage Sale Yard Sale image4. Stage a Store 

Stage your garage sale like a store. This includes making sure all items are dusted, clean and folded, as well as setting up clothing racks and display shelves wherever possible. In addition, stores generally have an attentive sales associate to help if needed. You want to apply this tactic to your garage sale as well. People are more likely to buy if they feel they can move around and ask questions. 

5. Offer Refreshments

A light refreshment can put a buyer at ease and help them feel more comfortable making a purchase. Not to mention, a few free refreshments may keep them perusing longer. Some lemonade and a few free cookies are perfect for encouraging buyers to stick around to see what you have to sell. 

6. Donate the Leftovers

If an item doesn't sell, you can always try to sell it online as a last resort - but don't hang on to what you don't need. Instead, consider donating to charity, as long as your items are still in good shape. For larger items. Habitat for Humanity will take furniture, appliances, and home decor with pick up and tax receipts available. 

Keep the above tips in mind and you'll be guaranteed a successful garage sale. Once you have a lighter, decluttered home, you can start thinking about to do with all that cash!

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